Learning @ TablaGyan - School of Tabla:

Education @TablaGyan follows a right blend of the ancient proven Gurukul system and convenient modern e-learning method. These methods of learning often complement each other adding value to the students’ learning process.

In no time, a student at TablaGyan can make out the difference in the learning experience and as he progresses, he his sure to have a significant edge over others.

This edge is not only accounted for by quality and quantity of content and teaching, but also by the “value addition” provided by the school in the form of individual attention, periodical reviews / strict monitoring, university examinations, additional music knowledge, practical aspects in accompaniment, audio / visual media, e-connection with the student, Music workshops and ample on-stage exposure to the student.

Due to these, a student not only ends up being a successful Tabla Artist but also tags-in a whole lot of musical knowledge with him, coupled with the relevant academic qualification.

It is very disheartening to say that the above requisites are found to be seriously lacking in the present era of music schools.