About us:

Broadly, TablaGyan is a school dedicated to gratify the desires of music lovers. This website is a cautiously nurtured infant of its Tabla Vidyalay at Bengaluru, India.

Though the word "TablaGyan" literally means "Knowledge of Tabla". But it figuratively is meant to facilitate:
  • Learning and Sharing Music.
  • Being a part of the musically active group.
  • TablaGyan also gives the rasikas a chance to contribute significantly to the musical life.

    The school of Tabla - TablaGyan, is situated at the quiet, offroad of Bangalore that is Koramangala - is environmentally a bliss for music.

    Since its inception in 2001, TablaGyan- School of Tabla has been training several students of all age groups across the globe. This institution has already imparted knowledge to over 200 students who also include foreign nationals from the USA, Germany, South Africa to name a few. Most of the students have shown great promise and are currently shaping up into brilliant performers.