TablaGyan - School of Tabla is a unique music school based in Bangalore, which focusses on imparting the knowledge of Music in general and Tabla in particular. The school is a decade old now and has been a guiding light to many "musically hungry" students. The school has trained more than 150 students now, and currently has a strength of 40+. TablaGyan has not only catered to the musical needs of the locals, but also the foreign nationals, of which most are grooming into quality players

Highlights of the school are

  • Professional coaching from a well trained artist / teacher.
  • Music based coaching on Tabla.
  • Affiliated to music universities. Examination based coaching.
  • Dedicated individual attention given to students.
  • Active internet group for concerts alerts, discussion forms, downloads.
  • Flexible timings. Scheduling based on one of its kind software.
  • Exposure to concerts, workshops, jam sessions etc.
  • Application oriented teaching with emphasis on music.
  • Online Skype Coaching (one-to-one / group) available.
  • Events

    "Instrumental Fusion Concert"
    Venue: Ritz-Carlton, Bangalore
    Date & Time: 12:30 PM, 3rd December 2016
    Sitar: Sanjeev Korti Tabla: Dilip Puranik Flute: Prakash Hegde

    "GHAR BAITHAK - 4"
    Venue: Indian Heritage Academy, Koramangala
    Date & Time: Jan 13th 2018, 4 pm onwards
    Taal Samvaad presents the 5th Ghar Baithak program in the series. Concert by Guest Artist and Tabla Solos and Accompaniment by school students.

    Venue: Tablagyan, Koramangala
    Date & Time: Launched from Nov 2016
    TablaGyan has launched Hindustani singing classes for students of all ages. Teacher: Shri. Sugnan Dani Please contact 9845395205 for admissions

    "GURU PURNIMA -2017"
    Venue: NGMA, Bangalore
    Date & Time: 3:30 pm to 7 pm on 23rd Sep 2016
    Annual Gurupurnima event of TablaGyan school